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Moving Checklist

Moving can be a busy time with many small yet important tasks to complete. You want to make sure all of your belongings arrive safely at your new home, the mail is forwarded, and the lights are turned on. This checklist will help keep you organised as you prepare your move.

Before Moving

Change of Address Notices
  • Post Office.
  • Banks, Credit cards, other monthly bills.
  • Insurance Companies – new locations for personal, cars, etc..
  • Subscriptions.
  • Friends and Relatives.

(Remember some of these need several weeks notice.)

Utility Companies
  • Gas, Water, Electricity, Telephone, Internet.
  • Turn them off at your current home and on at your new home. Don't forget to ask for refunds if you made any advance deposits.
Medical Records
  • Get referrals for doctors, dentists, and veterinarian.
  • Obtain any necessary prescriptions, x-rays, eyeglasses, medical records and birth records.
  • Schools – enrol children in new day care centres or schools if necessary.

If using a moving company, check for:

  • Insurance coverage, payment schedule, other shipping documents, arrival day, labour and prep work to be accomplished beforehand.
  • If you are moving, have plenty of boxes and wrap on hand. Pack as much as possible in advance, don't wait until moving day. Empty and clean freezer and refrigerator.

Moving Day

  • Prepare for the needs of small children and animals. What will they do while you are packing and how will they get to your new home?
Double Check
  • When the house is empty. But before the moving truck door closes, double check cupboards, wardrobes, attics, back yard, sheds and any other storage location to make sure they are empty.
Important Items
  • Carry jewellery and documents yourself or send them registered mail.
  • You should carry enough cash or travellers checks to cover your move and expenses until you reach your new home.
  • Leave old house keys with a neighbour or your real estate professional.

At Your New Home

  • Check that your gas, electricity, water, telephone, internet have been turned on.
  • Check pilot lights on stove and water heater if appropriate.
Licences and Registration
  • Have your address changed on your driver's license, boat or other licence.
  • If you have moved to a new state have the car registered in the new state to prevent penalties or insurance issues.
  • Apply for a new driver's license.
Remember To
  • Locate hospitals.
  • Locate new doctors.
  • Locate dentist etc.